Exhibitor Tips

1. Build an inviting display. Lots of color. When possible use a Power Point Presentation or some type of moving media. People are always grabbed by moving media.
2. Never put a table “barrier” between you and the attendees. Instead, turn the table to the side or rear of your booth so you are one-on-one with the prospect.
3. Use a clean and attractive table skirt. Keep all booth parts clean and in good repair. When in doubt, REPLACE!
4. Be different. Try something bold. Use color, shape, and props to differentiate yourself from your competition. Again, BE DIFFERENT!
5. Have plenty of business cards and brochures. Physically hand them out. People are shy, and tend to walk by unless distracted.
6. Do not attack them with a clipboard. They will run and avoid you. Be soft, yet persistent.
7. The best approach is say something nice about them, “nice shirt”, “great shoes”, etc. This will warm them up most times. Find something you have in common, and talk briefly about it and move onto your product.
8. Keep it simple. Your display must explain who you are and what you’re selling. If they have to ask, you need to learn from that. You may need to think about ways to further explain with your display. Few will ever ask.
9. You have about 30 seconds to tell someone who you are and why you’re an advantage over others. Give them the “short version” of your story.
10. Use props in your display which help you to create a flow with your conversation which will keep you following a path when distracted with questions.
11. If you hear a lot of the same questions, you may want to include them in you “short version”.
12. Stay alert, focused, and outgoing to prospective customers.
13. Always have a simple “sign up for more information” pad (4”x4” max) for all to fill out. Have them provide name, phone, address and email. Maybe one or two qualifying questions as well, nothing more. Again, KEEP IT SIMPLE! These are for follow up.
14. Always follow up on all leads within 5 business days. Allow them to return home, and then call the next day. It takes a minimum of seven contacts with a particular business to be considered serious or not so. Always use the rule of seven.
15. Promote yourself. Have copies of any press you may have and include them in your display. This increase your credibility!
16. Always wear your nametag. You will get many inquiries going to and from your booth that you otherwise may miss. It’s a lot less intimidating away from the booth for some people.
17. Use your logo. This is your Brand. Wear it!
18. Take hints from other booths. Find booths you are attracted to and why, and copy them!
19. Get a feel for what is attracting your customers about your booth and/or product, and emphasize that aspect!
20. Plan ahead. Have a relief plan so you can take a break once in a while.