About Us

7 Star Franchise Expos realizes the value of your advertising dollars. In these times, some Franchisors tend to pull back and conserve their spending.

However, we believe these times are an extreme opportunity for Franchisors to capture a market not previously available to them.

The consumer no longer has faith in the "traditional" Stock Market and bonds, as has been the case previously. As the Stock Market indicates, investors are pulling their funds to invest in wiser markets, such as Franchising. This has created a new funding source!

Statistics and projections indicate we are currently experiencing the largest growth in the franchise industry ever and will continue to do so in the next few years!

7 Star Franchise Expos is now offering a reduced rate on booth registrations to encourage you, the Franchisor, to take advantage of the potentially RECORD-BREAKING growth in the Franchise industry!

Become a speaker! We provide you the opportunity to present your Franchise or Business Opportunity to the attendees in a professional seated setting.

This is based on a first come/ first served basis as time does not permit everyone this opportunity.

Our staff will make every effort to announce your company’s presentation to the attendees of the show.